TO: Mayor and City Commissioners
Richard J. Reade, Sustainability Officer/Public Information Officer
David T. Harden, City Manager
DATE: April 14, 2011
SUBJECT: AGENDA ITEM 8.L. - Regular Commission Meeting OF April 21, 2011
Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Donation Agreement/Plug In Florida, Inc.
Item Before Commission

The item before the Commission is authorization for the Mayor to execute a  Donation Agreement between the City of Delray Beach and Plug In Florida, Inc. to provide the City with up to six (6) Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations and funding to support installation costs. 


In an effort to meet the Green Task Force Recommendations to the City (May 2009) to promote Alternative Vehicles, City Staff began working with Mr. Charles Whalen, Executive Director of Plug In Florida, Inc., on various options to install electric vehicle (EV) charging stations within the City of Delray Beach.  During our discussions, Mr. Whalen notified the City that he would be willing to donate to the City the equipment and installation costs associated with this project.

As the discussions progressed, Mr. Whalen committed to provide up to six (6) EV Charging Stations to be located within the downtown area of the City.  These charging stations would enhance the transportation opportunities in our downtown core, while contributing to a cleaner environment and promoting tourism to our community.  Further, it is the understanding of Staff from the US Department of Energy, that these charging stations will be the first publicly installed stations by a Palm Beach County municipality.

The proposed Donor Agreement, which has been reviewed and approved by Mr. Whalen, was developed by the City Attorney's Office and outlines the generous contribution that Mr. Whalen and Plug In Florida, Inc. are providing to the City.  Some of the highlights of the proposed Agreement include:


Plug In Florida will:


  •            Provide the City with three (3) Clipper Creek CS-40 Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) devices and pedestals to be installed at the City’s Banker’s Row Parking Lot, located at the 200 Block of NE 1st Avenue.
  •            Contribute up to $4,800.00 to the City for the costs associated with installing three (3) electric vehicle charging stations and up to $1,200.00 to upgrade the electrical service at the City's Banker’s Row Parking Lot.
  •            Provide the equipment and installation costs, as agreed by Plug In Florida, for an additional three (3) EV Charging Stations.  The locations for these additional stations will be determined at a later date and will require Mr. Whalen's consent and an amendment to this Donation Agreement.
  •            Provide the City, free of charge, for a period of five (5) years following the date of original installation, replacement electric vehicle charging stations and/or replacement connector/cable sets that becomes inoperable or unusable.


City of Delray Beach will:


  •            Utilize Plug In Florida's  monetary contribution to install three (3) Clipper Creek electric vehicle charging stations at the Banker’s Row Parking Lot.
  •            Complete the installation of three (3) stations at the Banker's Row Parking Lot within one hundred twenty (120) days.
  •            Comply with the federal ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requirements.
  •            Provide  all signage establishing and indicating public usage of the electric vehicle charging stations.


At this time, a charge to use the public charging stations is not proposed. This is due to the fact that the initial estimated cost for electricity will be minor - expected to be less than $3 to $6 per month (See Attached E-Mail from Charles Whalen – April 2011). Should the cost increase, Staff will recommend actions to offset this cost.


Green Implementation Advance Board (GIAB) - On Wednesday, April 20, 2011, the GIAB is scheduled to consider and vote to provide a formal recommendation to the City Commission to support the development of electric vehicle charging stations within the City .  It should also be noted that information regarding this project was included in the GIAB's 2011 Annual Report to the City Commission during their March 2011 Workshop.

Recommend approval of the Donation Agreement with Plug In Florida, Inc. for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations and authorize the Mayor to execute the Agreement.